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Energy Efficiency – the best place to start

Increased efficiency saves time when grading my student’s term papers, headaches when cleaning my house after my kitchen renovation, and money when I combine two trips and eliminate a segment of a plane ticket.  Why aren’t we looking for ways to be more efficient when it comes to our energy use? Why isn’t this where the conversation starts? Being more energy-efficient would save us all time and money… 

Time – I would love to be able to get on public transit that would quickly zip me over to Houston or San Antonio, using a fraction of the energy per passenger of the truck I drive whenever I have to brave I-35.  Reading about Thomas Friedman’s zippy trains with wi-fi makes me wish (for a moment at least) to live in a country that believed in public transportation as a way of life.  Being a DC commuter last year illustrated the time and stress a well-designed public transit system can save me.  Energy efficiency through advanced public transit saves me time.

Money – Energy efficiency prevents the building of new power plants (that we all have to pay for, not to mention their environmental impacts), lowers monthly power bills, and  saves money spent on cleaning up coal ash spills and oil-bathed wildlife

Why isn’t energy efficiency the initial topic in every energy debate?

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