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The Hummer… going — going — gone

When I see a Hummer driving down the street in Austin I wonder why the owner chose to buy it.  Obviously, it wasn’t:

1. a financial decision – a base model 2010 H3 will set you back $42,000 and at 10 mpg it will cost you about 28 cents per mile to drive it around town

2. the towing capacity – with a 3,000 pound towing capacity, my truck could kick that H3’s butt.

3. the easy parking downtown – the H3 will use two spots in the free lot at 11th and San Jacinto for a Saturday night downtown on 6th street. 

I suppose that it’s the symbol of the H3 – the strength, size, or distinctness of the Hummer look – that made people look at these vehicles and want to snatch them up. Last year , the markets frowned on the  Hummer with a 67% drop in sales.  Looks like Hummer (and its ~4.5 tonnes per year carbon footprint)  is on its way out. I’m excited that the market has shifted toward fuel efficient cars that use our natural resources more responsibly.

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  1. March 15, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    I wonder the same thing! I’ve ridden in an H3 and they aren’t even comfortable. I see the Hummer brand as an indication of the level of luxury and waste in our society. At least it’s on its way out!

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