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Access to information – knowledge is power

Smart grid is a concept describing a modernized electricity grid for the United States. In this smart grid, information flows in two directions (to you and to the utility) in real time (or close to it).

This flow of data allows you to know how much electricity you’re using and how much it costs throughout the day. In response to these data, you can change your behaviors to save money.  At the same time, utilities can optimize their dispatch models and better predict use patterns over time. It’s a great concept that provides strength to our aging national transmission infrastructure.

The key to this concept – access to these data.

In comes….The Electric Consumers Right to Know Act (e-Know) was introduced yesterday by Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

What it is: a bill that would ensure consumer’s ability to access data on their electricity usage at 15 minute intervals

What it is (translated): access to information for the user of the electricity in a world where knowledge is power

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