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Healthcare versus Energy?

I follow energy policy topics like I look for sales on flights to Australia and Latin America – with almost frightening frequency and enthusiasm.

During the past year, in my quest to learn all that I can about energy policy under the Obama administration and with the Democratic majority, I have heard the phrase “next up after healthcare” countless times. Even President Obama has given the nod to a big climate push “after healthcare

I’m straight-up tired about hearing about after healthcare. In my ideal world, energy and climate legislation would be on the top of the agenda. The simple reason – because it impacts EVERYTHING – including healthcare.

But OK – I can wait.

Guess I didn’t have to wait too long because today is almost that day… that first day after healthcare. Today the House of Representatives passed a reconciled healthcare bill, sending ti on its way to President Obama’s desk.  Woohoo! I thought, we’re almost there!

But then I read the ending statement on tonight’s NY Times headliner

“Republicans said they would use the outcome to bludgeon Democrats in this year’s Congressional elections. The White House is planning an intensive effort to convince people of the bill’s benefits. But if Democrats suffer substantial losses in November, Mr. Obama could be stymied on other issues, including his efforts to pass major energy and immigration bills.”

Does this mean, even after we’ve put healthcare to bed, it’s healthcare versus energy again?

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