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100 days? How about 1,000?

Current Deputy Secretary of State and former Dean to the LBJ School, Dr. Jim Steinberg joined students at UT’s LBJ School for a brownbag lunch yesterday. It was great to see him in the halls of LBJ again. In our lunch meeting, Dr. Steinberg talked briefly about his work at the Department of State and more generally about the President’s agenda before answering questions from students.  He focused on aspects of the President’s international agenda: non-proliferation (North Korea and Iran), energy (domestic legislation and global impacts) and re-engaging with the international community. From Dr. Steinberg’s comments it is clear that the Administration, the President, and Dr. Steinberg are not focused on the next 100 days, but instead the next 1,000 – striving to ensure a great legacy and increasingly positive future outlook for this great country.

Climate change is a prime example of this focus on a steady progression to good policy as opposed to mad rushing to a mediocre one. Dr. Steinberg stated unequivocally that we need to pass strong domestic climate change legislation if we want to successfully engage the international community in climate and energy discussions. How do we develop and pass these policies? By not letting the “best be the enemy of the good” and inhibit the good from becoming policy. To me, this means that in the push for cap and trade we have to be willing to compromise on carbon credit allocations and offsets. All sides must compromise to achieve the fundamental goal – leading the United States toward a more sustainable economy and the Administration to a highly regarded place in the history books.

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