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TEDxUT – Smart Choices and the Smart Grid

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at TEDxUT, held at the AT&T Center on UT’s campus. The theme for TEDxUT was The Ripple Effect, and we spent the day exploring how the world is changing (or is about to change) through wild ideas.

My presentation was titled Smart Choices and the Smart Grid. It focused on how the transmission grid is changing and will (likely) soon have access to data sets several orders of magnitude greater in size than what we have today. Likely due to the number of hours I’ve spent working in this area, I no longer think of this idea as “wild” – but I still think of it as really REALLY cool. Imagine – the ability to know much electricity my dryer, refrigerator, or TV are using at any given moment and how much those things are costing me! The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

One of the conference attendees, Jon Lebkowsky (co-founder of Plutopia Productions), tweeted throughout the day and wrote up a summary of his observations.

More to follow on other presentations from yesterday’s TEDxUT.

Thanks to Sarah Browning and her team for organizing this event.

  1. chrisdctex
    June 12, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Wow, it’s a shame I missed this event. Hope to go next year.

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