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Aluminum Foil vs Plastic Wrap

One question –  paper or plastic? – has been the poster child for making choices in our lives that will help the planet. In this case, the choice is (arguably) a false one. The “best” choice of bags is the reusable one that you keep in your car, or purchase for 99 cents at the check-out counter to put in your car for next time.

What about another common choice – aluminum foil or plastic wrap?

According to an article published today in Slate, even recycled foil may not be greener than plastic wrap – even if you reuse the foil multiple times. In fact, aluminum foil had a higher impact rating compared to plastic wrap in the following categories:

  • fossil fuel consumption
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • human health impacts
  • aquatic toxicity
  • potential for eutrophication (a kind of water pollution, caused by excessive nutrients, that can lead to fish-killing algal blooms)

Thanks to DD for sending me this article!

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