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Energy and Climate Bill in the Senate – is Graham backing out?

Today was supposed to be the day that the Senate unveiled its long anticipated energy and climate bill. This revealing had been in the works for months, originally planned to be announced on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (a.k.a. last Thursday). It was postponed until today, but over the weekend unrelated immigration reform discussions derailed it once again. Instead of announcing a momentus accomplishment, an energy and climate bill to debate in the Senate,  Senators Kerry & Lieberman are running around trying to prevent the implosion of the bill. I, for one, hope they can hold on.

Why did this happen?

It appears that the missing musketeer,Senator Graham (Republican – South Carolina) has run for the hills in a huff over immigration reform, citing rumor than Senator Reid would prioritize immigration reform over the energy and climate bill discussion. I won’t argue here whether or not Senator Graham’s angry response to these rumors coupled with Arizona’s immigration reform bill, which was signed by the state’s Governor on Friday, was justified. What I will say is that I’m saddened and disheartened by the fact that Senator Graham feels justified in walking away from the energy and climate effort, if he truly believed and supported the overarching meaning of this type of reform in the first place.

Is his response really about immigration?

Or, was Senator Graham just looking for a way out?

From where I’m sitting, the latter seems to be one of the few logical explanations for his behavior.

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