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What price are we willing to pay?

A commentary piece on CNN today, written by environmental economics Professor Andrew Kleit at Penn State.

A few excerpts:

“The reality is our economy is set up to burn coal for electricity and gasoline for cars, and moving away from this will be difficult, time consuming, and will compel consumers to decide whether they think it is worth it.”

“If we want to address our country’s energy concerns, we have to be willing to face one important fact: that creating such solutions will not be cheap. Different forms of energy are available, but using them will result in raising our electricity and gasoline bills significantly.”

Dr. Kleit presents an interesting discussion on how the shift to a green energy economy comes at a cost – and how that cost influences our willingness to shift toward a cleaner energy future.

For my part, I would argue that while shifting to clean and renewable energy resources may be more expensive in the short-term (without carbon legislation), in the long-term it will be must less costly both from a direct economic standpoint and even more dramatically when the health benefits are included into the equation (health of our bodies and health of our earth).

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