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Drilling off the Coast of Meg Whitman’s California

Check out a great post by fellow LBJ’er, Chris Mergerson, here.

“My initial personal bias is to instinctively like Meg Whitman’s candidacy for Governor of California. From a visceral standpoint, I like her style and management experience, and I don’t know if the words “Jerry Brown” and “agent of change” go well together in 2010. Nonetheless, performing due diligence of candidates for elected office is always a good idea.

I’m not a resident of California anymore, and I have no designs on moving back anytime soon. The barbecue, the fishing, the people, the football, and the all-enveloping mugginess and epic thunderstorms of the state of Texas have their tentacles buried too deeply into me to be easily separated from my person for any extended length of time; it is the state of my heritage, the “tex” in “chrisdctex.” (I could spend the rest of my life with the Hill Country of Texas as my home base and be happy.) Nonetheless, I offer the following public service: I checked out the policy agenda on Meg Whitman’s website, to see what she has planned for energy policy in California, should she be elected governor.”

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