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Texas Longhorns Energy

The University of Texas will be adding their brand to energy via a sponsorship program that will raise funds for sustainability initiatives at UT by providing 100% renewable energy to alumni and fans of UT athletics.

These renewable energy credits will be provided by a Dallas-based company working as Texas Longhorn Energy (TLE).

The credits will be available only in deregulated regions of Texas.


The new service will be officially launched mid-August. While final rates will be announced at that time, costs are expected to be in line with other renewable electricity rates currently in the market. Branded Retail Energy first approached UT with the concept through IMG College, the multimedia and sponsorship sales partner for UT Athletics. BRE presented the industry’s first affinity marketing platform designed to activate alumni and sports fans’ passion for the Longhorns. TLE will exclusively utilize the UT brand and marketing resources available through IMG College’s contract with UT Athletics, which will result in cost-savings that would typically be spent on traditional marketing efforts. Those cost savings will help generate funding back to UT Athletics and the University.

Read more here.

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