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The Air Has No Prejudice

Air has no prejudice.

It does not carry the opinions of a man faster than those of a woman.

It does not filter out an idea because I’m 16 and not 30.

Air is unaware if I am black or white and wouldn’t care if it knew.

So it stands to reason my ideas will be powerful if they are wise… infectious…if they are worthy.

If my thoughts have flawless delivery I can lead the army that will follow.

These words are actually from a Verizon commercial, but that is not what I thought about when I first heard them. This commercial, instead of making me think about coverage areas and competition, made me think about how our actions affect others. The pollutants that we put into the air here in Austin do not only affect Austin’s air – they travel all over the world. These pollutants will then go on to indiscriminately impact the health of Americans regardless of age or race – stage or political leaning.

Now we need the wise solutions that will become infectious throughout the world.

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