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Kudos for keeping Murkowski on-board

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who recently conceded the Alaska Republican Primary (See 9/1 post), will retain her seat as the ranking member of the Senate’s Energy and National Resources Committee – an unexpected outcome to the post-concession saga.

Senator Murkowski is a well-known player in the energy and environmental policy sphere in Washington – and has been for years. So perhaps it is no surprise that the Senate Republican conference decided today to keep Senator Murkowski as the ranking member on the Senate committee that has spent a large portion of its time over the last year debating the hottest energy and climate policy proposals.

According to Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) –

“[Senator Murkowski] is the ranking member…We had a discussion in our conference about other matters, including that, but decided that we would take no action today.”

No action roughly translates into Senator Murkowski retaining her seat until after November’s mid-term elections, which she may enter as a write-in candidate, according to some sources. This does not mean that she will see much action on the committee, as mid-term elections have all but stalled work in Washington until November. But, this move by Senate Republicans could speak towards the party’s unhappiness with a TEA Party that is poised to come barreling into Washington in a very short period of time.

While I do not always agree with Senator Murkowski on her views on energy and climate legislation in Washington today, I respect her hard work and dedication to a task that would easily discourage and frustrate others. She is a strong woman from an oil-and-gas state who digs into policy proposals and issues of concern to her state and the nation with energy and rigor. I was sad on the day that she conceded the Alaskan primary. While I have mixed feelings on rumors of a write-in option for her candidacy, it would be pretty inspiring if the people of Alaska put her through to Washington again through such a gritty and difficult avenue.

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