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The merest flick of a finger

“Scores of times each day, with the merest flick of a finger, each one of us taps into vast sources of energy—deep veins of coal and great reservoirs of oil, sweeping winds and rushing waters, the hidden power of the atom and the radiance of the Sun itself—all transformed into electricity, the workhorse of the modern world.”

~author unknown

In 2004, Neil Armstrong announced the top 20 engineering achievements of the 20th century. Topping the list – electrification. The ability to harness these subatomic particles has fundamentally changed the way we live in and interact with the world – enabling us to use technologies from iPhones to toaster ovens, from air conditioners to automobiles. As we go into a future – filled with concerns over how to be sound stewards of our environment – we should not forget the advantages that come first from electrifying our homes and our lives.


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