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Adapting to the future

Check out David Wogan’s blog post about the release of a report by the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Taskforce. David and I both had to work with this group while working at CEQ.

One of the big projects I worked on this summer at the White House Council on Environmental Quality was climate change adaptation policies. Climate change adaptation is basically anything we can do as a society to deal with, and prepare for, effects of climate change. These effects can be sea level rise, increased disease outbreaks, urban heat island effects, flooding, loss of agriculture, etc. Adaptation isn’t as sexy as mitigating the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, but it is an important policy.

Today, after almost a year’s worth of work, the interagency Task Force (led by CEQ) released its recommendations. This is a report that President requested that I worked on with a lot super talented folks at CEQ, federal agencies, and communities across the country.

It’s not everyday that I can say I wrote something that went to the President’s desk 🙂

Take a look!!!


David being interviewed in downtown Austin


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  1. November 2, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    Go, CEQ!!!

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