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Castlen Kennedy – woman in the oil patch

Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle featured an article about women working in the oil and gas industry – a distinctly male-dominated field – and the challenges that they have faced (catcalls, sneers, and other derogatory remarks). The article also discusses how the industry has evolved to include more women throughout all aspects of the industry – from the oil fields to the board room.

Featured in the article is Castlen Kennedy, who I have previously written about in the context of her trip from Austin to Boston in a Tahoe fueled by natural gas this past summer. A member of my research group at the University of Texas, Castlen is also a manager of public affairs at Apache Corporation.

The Chronicle’s article covers pieces of the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy and Technology, which was held last week in Houston. I attended this conference two years ago and can say that it is a unique experience to be in a room filled with women who work in oil and  gas. It shows how the face of this industry is changing as we move into the future.

To check out the Chronicle’s article – written by Monica Hatcher – click here.

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