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Senator Murkowski – Write-in Success

Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murskowski (R – Alaska), a top Republican voice on energy legislation in the senate, serving as the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Last year, she was intimately involved in the stalled efforts within the senate to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation. This year, she is up for re-election – and it has not been an easy process.

In September, Senator Murkowski lost her bid for the Republican nomination to Tea-party candidate, Joe Miller. Subsequently, she chose to throw her hat in the ring to become the third Senator in U.S. history to win as a write-in candidate after losing their party’s primary (the second to be elected for a full term).

Definitely a bold move…

… and one that it looks like Senator Murkowski was right to make.

Despite some aggressive attempts by Republican nominee, Joe Miller, to disqualify many of the write-in votes for Senator Murkowski (including disqualifications for misspellings), the incumbent Senator seems to have secured her seat in the Senate.  Over 94,000 Alaskans wrote-in their choice, and most of these votes are presumed to be for Murkowski (they are still being counted). Projections have her winning her seat in the senate with 40% of the popular vote (35% going to Joe Miller, almost 15% going to the Democrat’s nominee, Scott McAdams).

Previous Write-In Candidates Who Won Their Senate Seat

  1. William Knowland (California) – elected in 1946 via a special election to fill the slot left by Senator Hiram Johnson upon his death. Voters were presented with a blank ballot.
  2. (James) Strom Thurmond (South Carolina) – elected in 1954 as a write-in after Edgar Brown was chosen as the Democratic party’s nominee to fill Senator Burnet Rhett Maybank’s spot (left open after his death). Thurmond would later become the only Senator to reach the ago of 100 while still in office.
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