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ARPA-E: Energy Innovation Summit (2/28-3/2, 2011)

Today is the first day of ARPA-E’s Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) funds innovative research projects in the energy arena with the hope that their support will be a catalyst in the U.S. move toward a sustainable energy future. Their Energy Innovation Summit will run for three days (February 28-March 2), bringing together key players in the United States’s energy innovation community, including: venture capital firms, technology entrepreneurs, large and small clean energy companies, policymakers, and government officials from the DoE and ARPA-E. The goal of this summit it to help develop networks that “will bring about the next Industrial Revolution in clean energy technologies, in the way the U.S. has led previous revolutions in life sciences and information technology.”

Summit Objectives

  • Showcase the next generation of clean energy technologies
  • Introduce ARPA-E’s leadership, program areas, and initial breakthrough technology projects
  • Connect technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors
  • Provide insights that will enable entrepreneurs to commercialize breakthrough technologies
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