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New cap in place – BP to test effectiveness

A new cap has been put in place over the Deepwater Horizon oil leak. This newest effort was originally announced on July 2nd via a report in the Miami Herald (see my previous post on July 5th). This cap has the potential to contain all of the leaking oil and send it to ships waiting at the surface for transport. BP will test the cap this week to gauge its effectiveness.


BP Removes Cap – Flow Increases

Flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico increased today, as BP was forced to remove a cap that they previously placed on top of one of the oil leeks. This cap has been collecting about 700,000 gallons (~16,600 barrels) per day, piping it into nearby tankers. This removal became necessary after an underwater robot “bumped” into the venting system. This system has been preventing the formation of the ice crystals that botched the first cap attempt.

According to Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the cap will be brought to the surface and then checked to ensure that ice crystals have not formed. If the system is still in operating condition, it could be placed back on the leak.